Where to Buy the Best MERV 16 Air Filters

Are you looking for the best air filter to improve your home's air quality? Look no further than MERV 16 air filters. MERV, or Minimum Efficiency Report Value, is a scale that rates the effectiveness of filters in trapping airborne particulates. The scale ranges from 1 to 16, with 16 being the most effective. At Department of Heating, Ventilation & Refrigeration, you can get free shipping on qualified MERV 16 air filter products or purchase in-store pickup online today.

Our certified AprilAire professionals are qualified to help you with any of your Healthy Air needs. By having controlled ventilation, when combined with the media air filter, it can bring home health to the point where you may only need to use your inhaler once in a while, rather than a few times a day. When homeowners begin to see condensation in the ducts or see the ducts sweating, they should consider changing it to a ventilation system that is more controlled rather than simply drawing in air. When air quality outside the door is threatened, it is important to keep windows closed and turn off home ventilation systems to protect the air inside the house.

Filters with a MERV 16 rating are commonly used in more controlled environments, such as hospitals and laboratories. Every year, the State of the Air Report is published which analyzes two of the most widespread and dangerous air pollutants, ozone and fine particulate matter. To ensure your home is safe, you want the right size of air filter that blocks out all the usual suspects. Not only do you incorporate fresh air to help make indoor air healthier, you filter it as well.

Aprilaire MERV 16 filters can remove up to 99%* of allergy and asthma triggers, including smoke, pollen, mold and more. Even if you can evacuate during an emergency situation, there will still be smoke in the indoor air after it is considered safe to return. Both Aprilaire and Lung Association believe that breathing healthy air should be available to everyone, and maintaining healthy indoor air quality is an important step for lung health. But when we added ventilation and air filtration systems, people reported that they “don't have to use their inhaler like they did” and “can tell the difference between when they go out and about when they go home”.

Cooking with an air fryer is a great way to enjoy a hot meal or snack without adding unnecessary heat to your home. While MERV 16 air filters will reduce more particulate matter in the air, they will also reduce the amount of airflow.

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